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January 13, 2013


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I am going to have a mailing list for my lines, so you all can still enjoy them for FREE! :D But the catch is that it will be done through e-mail, and there will be an application process. :| You can thank all the no-good-son-of-a-bitch-pile-of-monkey-nuts rule breakers for this.

:star::star: Here is how you can get my lines :star::star:
:bulletgreen:To be approved, you MUST have filled out the application found here: (Just copy and paste into an e-mail and then fill in your answers) Please write in English. If I can't read it, I can't approve it.
:bulletgreen:Send that application to my e-mail, DO NOT SEND ME A NOTE THROUGH DEVIANTART!!
:bulletgreen:I will send you an e-mail reply saying that I have received your application and that it is being reviewed (this way you will know if I got it).
:bulletgreen:IT MAY TAKE UP TO 1 WEEK FOR APPROVALS, so be patient weirdos.
:bulletgreen:If I approve you, I will send an e-mail back saying so.
:bulletgreen:If not approved, I just won't respond (if after 7 days I haven't sent an approval message, you're denied). Do not contact me again. My decision is final.
:bulletgreen:IF the application is approved, you will be added to my list of elite and beautiful approved members on the application page, this journal entry, my e-mail contacts, and in my spreadsheet (so I can track your every move and make graphs out of it).
:bulletgreen:When approved, you may request for me to send you lines I make/already made. For getting my lines, please see info at bottom of this journal. You of course are not required to use any lines I send you, but please do NOT give them to anybody else.

:star::star: I will not approve :star::star:
:bulletred:Anybody on my shit list
:bulletred:Anybody who has in the past demonstrated to me that they cannot follow my rules, or were nasty bitches about it
:bulletred:Very new members
:bulletred:Members that don't post art on here, or only have one or two posted
:bulletred:Anybody who I suspect won't follow my rules

:star::star: Here is how you get off my approval list once you are on it :star::star:
:bulletred:Not following the rules (3 strikes usually, unless you've got prior convictions from my other stock accounts...then just 1 strike).
:bulletred:Distributing lines to those not on the approved list. Just don't distribute lines.

Sorry it has to be done this way dudes. It was just very disturbing to me that 50% of people using my lines were not following the rules. :(
This is bad, guys by SomeLines

For those that already have my lines in their possession, I can't force you to fill out an application before using the ones you have, but it would be nice if you could do so! Thanks. :) You are still expected to follow my rules regardless. ;)

Feel free to ask questions about this if you're confused. I will not take questions like, "Why wasn't I approved?" I think I will put frequently asked questions at the bottom of my rules/FAQ journal. Makes sense. :)…

ATTENTION approved people! If there are lines you want, please send me an e-mail requesting them. Do not send me a note via deviantart! This needs to be done over e-mail. This journal (… ) tells you how to go about requesting them and the limits I have on them. It's very simple. :)

:iconfallingstarstable::iconwyomingcrazy101::iconkmforward::iconxpaintedhooves::icondionalli::iconlizzypokemon::iconterminateher-97::iconth-97adopts::iconbubbiies::iconcherokeeleprechaun::iconolofmaria::iconyaoi-no-marik::iconleaftail::icondressage-lover::icontheklutz2::icont1taniumh3art::iconodwallakennel::icontakara-to-yami::iconsavagegenesis::iconnight-mother::iconstrawberrycrash::iconbellarixdancer::iconsesuga-yaiba5::iconbooshcat123::iconwinter-pine-farms::iconhorsegeek1997::iconclickerooni::iconrisingxsunx::iconemma27-36451::iconbedhead-studios::iconehresko::iconchasing-colors::iconrisingwolve::iconhdizzleh::iconnippenose::iconprettyblackcat::iconjourneysend::iconcookielovexo::iconhorseloverchic::iconqueen-of-the-lions::iconblackspyderdesigns::iconiwannabeadino::iconsweetstreamstables::iconpoisons-kiss::iconmichaelapearl1::iconmandie33::icontalinaraine::icontaz123321::iconilovebeer08::iconkiyiyathewolf::iconequineheartart::iconposeidongirl99::icontruenovian::iconatoxicrose::iconwwots::iconthebingle::iconaskvader::iconforsvinner::iconc-h-e-v-r-o-l-e-t-22::iconememir::iconride2live-live2ride::icondestinyswalrus::iconalmuli::iconsoutherncypressfarm::iconcypresspixie::iconregu102::iconscalar0706::icondestinynoel::iconpuppy1128::iconkissarose7::icontoughcrowd117::iconendairae::iconphoenix-fire-13::iconeventing-queen::iconflyingflawed::iconaqhakt::iconcowtracks::iconeternal-lyric-kennel::iconeternal-lyric::iconarsengraphix::icontheiceviking::iconnpwebber::iconfolipoo::iconlilydale-stables::iconboggeyboo::iconcross-fox-stables::iconatani1::iconcatastrophy112244::iconpinkcaribou::iconokapisandchairs::iconrockish21::iconxbellezax::iconmillieminks::iconshadowtalon87::iconnyathera::iconinuso::iconiced-ninja::iconphoenixstarkina::iconjojowildhorse::iconkaylazoe::iconkaylazoestock: :iconlarfsalot::iconkalovantha::iconsandraa-a::iconsandra5::iconmercivorex::icone-m-e-r-a-l-d-dreams::iconcompleteperfection::icondooms-sim-stuff::icontavi6233::iconscylothia::iconkaytay143::iconfability::iconwindhamracehorses::icondragonrider825::iconcrimsonpuppeteer::iconwelshdreamvalley::iconicelandichorse2012::iconabbie1234::iconhorsesrock12345::iconchelledoll::iconJazzyIzDaBomb::iconRoyal-Front::iconrockcreekranch::iconmoodumdumpop::iconfrisbee-horseland::iconthis-better-work::iconstraasha-arashi::iconspictayl496::iconblackwing-fang::iconchicken-priestess::iconlittlewillow-art::iconrhinebeck::iconpetewentz1979::iconwolfstarh88::iconrose-river-farm::iconindigo-acres::iconspontaneous19::iconearthemerald::iconwildoracle::iconpunkasaurus-rex::iconrougarcougar::iconsinaas::iconjaglixom::iconracersdream:
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raycheldragon Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sent an application. (: 

Though i think my browser glitched and it sent twice, which I apologize about...
TheDeathOfAutumn Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Hello there! I have emailed you my application ;) Your lines are gorgeous!!
cosandk Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
um....i dont have a e-mail(i use my moms for this account) and i dont know her info for it, nor would she let me send an app in from hers, so is there a way i can ask about getting one when i dont have access to tht kind of thing?
EarthEmerald Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Professional Writer
Thanks for the approval :)
rhinebeck Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the acceptance :)
Sammeh-dragonfurry Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Aw, I guess I didn't get accepted. :/.. For using such beautiful lines.. -Sigh-
Nyathera Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
I would like to send you an application, but I'm from Finland and I don't speak English that much so I have to ask this.. I don't understand what greyscale means so could you explain it to me?
EquineHeartArt Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gray-scale: Some lines that you take and color them in with gray, you also shade. 
When you are done with the gray-scale, you are able to change it to any color(s). 
Here is an example of a Gray-scale that I work on it is a WIP (Work in progress):… :) Hopefully this helped you a bit :D Most people make the Gray-scales then
let people use them for free usage. I don't really do that, but I'm going to start doing that on the
few lines that will allow me to.
Nyathera Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
Yes, that helped me a lot,thank you. :)  I don't have any HARPG horses or anything right now, but I was hoping to start with thoroughbreds and MAYBE with some warmbloods too, so let's see what happens.. I will send you the application in two or three days. :)
DestinyNoel Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yu have sentme an e-mail saying im approved,but i dont see my name on the approved list,is it bc i havnt used any yet??
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